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Vicarious Technology, grrr…

So there has been a more than short hiatus. This has not been caused by lack of things to write about, but by me getting hung up on the fact that One.com seemed incapable of hosting a blog with a format to support uploading pictures, videos etc from Android.

Considering that I bought my tablet to allow me to do precisely that, from on the road, without lugging a laptop around, I was not happy.

I have now solved it by moving over to Word Press – after the good experience of this on my professional site.

So here we are.

Lots of catching up and editing to do over the coming days…

What I’m Up To

So to start the blogg-boulder rolling, I thought I´d share a bit of my mission statement with you all

I’ve been on this planet for a while now, and have seen that we have significant challenges to overcome as a species – but also I have seen enough to be firmly convinced that these challenges can be faced and overcome.

So my ´prime directive´ is to use my unique combination of strengths, talents, skills and experience to be of service to humanity, going beyond surviving to thriving.

In parallel with this is a strong bardic calling – ”to choose, live and tell compelling stories”.

How does this get expressed in my life? Through my goals and projects, as well as who I am in each instance.

*Professionally – through my own company, Zen Systems: using my strengths, skill, talents and experience to solve serious problems, through the channel of innovation , both through my own innovation projects (as a prize-winning innovator), and by accelerating the innovations of others as an innovation consultant. See my professional website for more information or to contact me professionally.

*Within Zen Systems I have a flagship innovation project, TETRA, which tackles the need for robust infrastructure in remote locations (either geographically, or post-disaster) with a radical new modular infrastructure solution. More about this at the Zen Systems website.

*Through a compelling story: I combine my passion for exploration and travel, my love of mountain biking, taking responsibility for my health, and along the way raising money for targeted charities in the Climbing the Sky project. My goal is to climb Kilimanjiro by bike on or before my 50th birthday, and along the way to share that adventure in a way that inspires others to get out there, and to get reconnected to nature. Read more about this at Climbing the Sky blog.

*Through another compelling story: I combine my love for the planet with my knowledge of the challenges humanity faces and my sense of responsibility for my own affect on the planet, in the Off The Grid project. The goal here is to take responsibility for my own footprint, and find ways to reduce it, and to share this process to show that this is not rocket science, but pure simple everyday conscious action. Taking personal responsibility for our effects on the climate does not solve all the problems, but it goes a long way to helping. I will share other promising solutions to these issues as well. The eventual goal is to create my own off the grid, sustainable, living solution. This will eventually spin into its own blog.

*Then there´s my loosely organised plan to express myself as a storyteller through the medium of music. I have written a lot, but recorded little. Although this is currently not a priority, you never know what might turn up here!

*And finally, like many other people I am looking for another awesome human being to share my life with, to challenge me to go further and do more, to inspire and be inspired by, to thrive with. I am sure this will become a compelling story in its own right ;)

Getting here has been quite a long process, which of course is not over (the idea of being done developing is in itself a bizarre one – life is in itself a journey). I have always had strong ideas of what I want to do at any time, but being able to hang that motivation on concrete, common themes, but being able to articulate, are other things entirely. With the serendipitous help of a phenomenal business consultant, Mike Rose, I have kicked things up into another gear entirely since the start of the year. I strongly recommend having a chat with him if you want to know more – intuitiveiq.blogspot.se.

I’ll talk about this more in another post. But the result is that I know what I need to do, every day, and am using what I do best to make it happen – and to deal with whatever I need to along the way that interferes with this. It’s a great place to be in!

I´ll end here by posing two questions for you to ponder:

*What´s your story?
*What can you do, today, to make a difference?

(OP: Thu, April 24, 2014)



Welcome to my revamped hub thing!

Ad Infinitum Concepts was originally the name of my first business as a self-employed consultant, until I changed that to Zen Systems in line with newer thinking and the innovation I was working on in 2007. Since then, due to the hassle of moving over to dual sites, I have kept using AIC for everything, but being that lazy can lead to confusion…

So now, at a point of clarity, I am revising things.

Ad Infinitum will be my personal hub where I blogg about all things philosophical and my various not directly work related projects – inasmuch as a life lived with work, ethics and purpose all lined up can be easily categorised… I will be organizing these things as I get the hang of the blogging tools…

For my professional activities, as an innovation acceleration consultant, see my professional website at Zen Systems EF, or my Linked In profile

(OP: Thu, April 24, 2014)