Welcome to my revamped hub thing!

Ad Infinitum Concepts was originally the name of my first business as a self-employed consultant, until I changed that to Zen Systems in line with newer thinking and the innovation I was working on in 2007. Since then, due to the hassle of moving over to dual sites, I have kept using AIC for everything, but being that lazy can lead to confusion…

So now, at a point of clarity, I am revising things.

Ad Infinitum will be my personal hub where I blogg about all things philosophical and my various not directly work related projects – inasmuch as a life lived with work, ethics and purpose all lined up can be easily categorised… I will be organizing these things as I get the hang of the blogging tools…

For my professional activities, as an innovation acceleration consultant, see my professional website at Zen Systems EF, or my Linked In profile

(OP: Thu, April 24, 2014)


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